Recipients of Uniforms, Shoes, School Bags and Notebooks

The orphans and financially disadvantaged students were provided school uniforms, shoes, notebooks and school bags on 02/04/2013. This grant was given by various generous donors. The details of donors and the number of students sponsored by each donor are given on this website. Details are also available at the following link: (more…)

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Philanthropic Voluntary Charity


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Offer of Educational Grants for Orphans and Disadvantaged Students for 2014 & 2015

DISTRIBUTION OF  GRANTS /SCHOLARSHIPS FOR THE ACADEMIC SESSIONS 2014 and 2015. We acknowledge gratefully the offer of grants for orphans and financially disadvantaged school children for both the years 2014 & 2015.  May God Almighty reward you for that which you give, make it a cause for purification for you, and give you blessing on what you have left for yourself. Amen. No. Name of Donor Name of  Grant Total No. of GRANTS Grants  used for

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Educational Grants Received for Orphans and Disadvantaged Students for 2013

The table shows the individual  educational grants offered by the Donors and numbers of students sponsored by each donor. SAMEERA FOUNDATION  (UK) – GRANTS /SCHOLARSHIPS FOR THE ACADEMIC SESSION March 2013 No. Name of Sponsor Name of Grant / Scholarship Number of students benefited Recommendation 1. Azhar Mahmood (USA) Malik Abdul Mahbood 32 Disadvantaged boys 2. Naila Malik Tania Malik 30 Disadvantaged females 3. Mumtaz Malik Mumtaz Malik 14

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Prizes/Scholarships For 2013

"The Giver is someone else, giving day and night. But the world gives me the credit, so I lower my eyes." Recipients of Prizes and Certificates - September 2013 No. Name of student Name of School Name of Prize Value Reason 1. Mazhar Naeem s/o Muhammad Naeem Govt Boys High School, Shamsabad ZIAD P. KHAN Rs 7,000 Fist position among 10 villages* 2. Saira Sajid d/oMirza Sajid Baig Govt Girls High School, Shamsabad ZIAD P. KHAN Rs 5,000 Second position

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