Bulletin 13 – Qurbani Project on Eid ul Adha


The Foundation has the privilege to organise 5 Qurbanis in three different districts of Pakistan on behalf of the following participants:

Qurbani of 3 sacrificial animals in villages of Shamsabad & Shahpur, Distt. Attock Qurbani of 1 cow in village Mial, Distt. Chakwal Qurbani of 1 cow in village Masho Gagar, Distt. Peshawar


1. Dr Fawzi Belbidia Mr Mohammad Iqbal Mrs Shelah Khan
2. Dr Rashid Malik Dr Hussain Rao M Iqbal Khan
3. Mrs Snober Bhangu Mrs Tahar-un-Nisa Mr Hattan Timraz
4. Ms Rukia Awan Syed Abdul Rahman Mr Hassan Al-Shehri
5. Mr Azhar Mahmood Malik Dr Hamdi Satti Mr Khurram Nasir
6. Dr Khurshid Mangrio Mr Nabeel Iqbal Mr Naweed Awan
7. Mr Musadiq Moghul Dr A Raheem Zegugu Mr Arsalan Amine
1. Dr Saad Al-Ismail Family
1. Mr Saeed Malik Family
2. Mr Raqfique Awan Family
3. Sh Mohsen El-Beltagi


Dr R A Malik Dr Farooq Shah Mr Riaz Hassan

May Allah S.W.T accept their Qurbani. Amin. The meat was delivered  to houses of the poor and needy families.

The details of Qurbanis are available at the following link:


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