2015-Ramadhan Food Gift Package for Widows and Poor Families


May Allah reward you for that which you give, make it a cause for purification for you, and give you blessing  on what you have left for yourself.

We express our gratitude on behalf of Sameera Foundation for the generous donations of the following  donors who  facilitated the life of  poor families during the blessed month of  Ramadhan.  These donations made it possible for us to help 550 widows and financially disadvantaged families in villages of Pakistan during the Holy month of Ramadhan. The photos of the distribution of Ramadhan Food Gift packets are available at the following link:


No. Name Donation No. Name Donation
1 Mr Peiji Khan £50.00 16 Miss Naila Malik £200.00
2 Mr Sajid Khan £50.00 17 Nadeem Khan, Ghazala Khan £100.00
3 Miss Yasmin Khan £50.00 18 Ms Zahra Khan £566.00
4 Mr Peiji Khan £60.00 19 Mr Asif Khan (Canada) £50.00
5 Mr Shahid Khan Family (USA) US$2,500 20 Mr & Mrs Saeed Malik RS25,000.00
6 Jaffer Foundation  US$5,000 21 Dr  Aamer Hamed £50.00
7 R A Malik £100.00 22 Dr Ali Hamdani £60.00
8 Dr Fawzi Belbidia £90.00 23 Anonymous (Iftars) £100.00
9 Dr Shahzad Ather £500.00 24 Mr Saliheen Moghal £300.00
10 Dr Alweena Awan £50.00 25 Dr Farooq Shah £40.00
11 Anonymous £500.00 26 Tabussam Uddin £40.00
12 Mrs Snober Bhangu £100.00 27 Dr Atir Sultan Ali Khan £200.00
13 Dr Aneel Bhangu £100.00 28 Fauzia Mogul £30.00
14 Ms Rukia Awan £100.00 29 Mrs Sameera Butt £25.00
15 Mr Aslam Khan £100.00 30 Khan N A & M A £50.00

Chach Package for Distt. Attock contained:  Sharbat e Rooh Afza (concentrated sweet drink) 1 large bottle; Dates 1 kg; Sugar 5 kg; Tea 475 gm; Ghee (margarine) 2 kg; Cooking oil 3 litre; Basin (gram’s floor) 2 kg; Dal chana 1 kg; Chic peas 1 Kg.

Mial Package for District Chakwal  contained:  Wheat flour 20 kg; Dates ½ Kg; Sugar 5 Kg;  Ghee (margarine) 5 kg; Dal channa (lentil) 1 kg; Basin (gram’s floor) 2 kg; Tea Packet 500 gm; Sweet (sewian) 1 Packet; Rice 1kg.


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